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  1. Driver Licence
  2. Pasport Information
  3. Contact Details
  4. 21 Yrs Age
  5. 2 Yrs Licence


We Will Delivery Your Rent a Car at Dalaman Airport Arrival Area

We Will be Keeping a Board (signed client name) On Our Hand



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FQA-Welcome to Dalaman Ercan Rent a Car.We are The Cheapest Rent a Car Company in Dalaman Airport Turkey

Rental Period Rental period is calculated on a day bases. Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Driving licence and age limits:

21 years Age and 2 yearrs driving licence

Usage and Kilometre Limits:

No limits on Kilometres, and vehicles can only be used in the borders of Turkey.

Traffic Fines:

Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations are customer’s liabilities. If the vehicle is forbidden from traffic, this time is included in rental duration.


1. If the accident and alcohol reports are not submited.

2. If the car is driven by persons other than whose names are written in the rental agreement.

3. If the car is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. If the driver does not possess a valid driver’s license.

5. If the legal speed limits and traffic regulations are violated.

6. If the driver is 100% faulty.

7. If the accident/damage happens during pushıng or towing a vehicle or any other rolling or non roling object.

8. If the accident or damage happens after expiry of the rental period shown on the rental agreement.

9. If the accident happens during motor sports or on roads not open to and/or suitable for normal traffic.

10. If the acciend/damage happens due to overload or during transport of inflammable goods.

11. If the fire starts from soutces without flame ,such as cigarettes.


Fuel is not included in our prices, rental leasing at the end of the fuel delivered to the specified level at the beginning of the contract will be delivered to the same level.If

vehicles returned with missing or empty fuel tank, service fee and fuel price will be taken together.

Rental Period is 24 hours. 3 hours late return may bring %20 increase on rental price. If late delivery period extends over 3 hours 1 day fee will be paid.

Other operational Extras

You can contact our reservation office to get additional services, prices.

Reservation Conditions

Reservations are valid under these conditions:

If you are Changing Internet Reservations (like extending vehicle return period, changing return station, changing vehicle type etc) depending on vehicle availablity and station conditions additional fees may be necessary.

All prices have been on our site accident insurance deductible, the use of KDV and unlimited mileage included. Other additional services you can get information by reading the Terms of the price for your needs.

Booking in a busy season all or part of the cost of renting , will be needed by mail order or direct bank transfers. Cancelling the reservation just before the due date (48 hours or earlier) %30 of total rental period will be paid.( not less than 1 day rental fee)

A rental contract will be signed before vehicle rental.

Seldomly, your reserved vehicle may be changed with an equivalent vehicle.

You can call our contact phone if you need any more assistance through your journey.

After your final reservation, you will be contacted by our reservation department. Payment can be made with credit cards, direct bank transfers, mail order or cash on either the reservation time or just before vehicles delivery to customer.